Choose Your Adventure 


What would it be like to think of your goals as an exciting adventure, rather than an outcome that proves your worth?


To wonder what you'll learn, how you'll grow and who you'll meet along the way, not simply what you'll have when you get there. 


An Adventure Mindset is the attitude of curiosity, courage and confidence necessary to take on any adventure you seek. Without it, change in the direction of your dreams feels punishing, overwhelming and often insurmountable.

The Choose Adventure Program is a 6-month mindset-shifting course. I work with you to overcome the negative thought patterns, self-doubt, and fear that hold you back from the life you want. Adventure doesn't just exist in the wilderness or on a trail.


Adventure is Everywhere

Learn to embrace any adventure you feel called to. From career changes to improving your relationships, moving to a new city or embarking on a journey to true self-acceptance--these are all adventures that sweep you our of your comfort zone. 

What would your life be like if fear of failure, self criticism, imposter syndrome or the need for reassurance from others didn't hold you back?

Cultivating an Adventure Mindset will allow you to embark on any adventure with confidence and courage.

The Choose Adventure program is for you if you're tired of feeling held back by fear, judgement or uncertainty. If you're out of touch with what brings you joy, and feel like you're stuck in the rinse-and-repeat of negative thinking. 

Throughout this program you can expect to:
  • Set goals with the purpose of showing yourself what's possible, not seeking acceptance and worthiness
  • Learn to support and encourage yourself, rather than beating yourself up
  • Redefine failure and use it to propel your growth
  • Overcome imposter syndrome, people pleasing and perfectionism
  • Improve your confidence, self-belief and sense of trust in yourself so you can take on any adventure that calls to you
I'll be there to support you, hold you accountable and cheer you on as you blaze a new trail 
The Choose Adventure Program includes:
  • 12 personalized 45 minute virtual coaching sessions 
  • The Choose Adventure self coaching workbook
  • Unlimited coaching via email
  • Weekly self coaching modules with podcast-style lessons, recorded by yours truly
  • FREE 6-month membership to the Wild Woman Community which includes 2x weekly group coaching and monthly Trail Magic hikes 
I'm here to support and guide women who:
  • Want to take a big leap in life but are held back by a lack of confidence or fear of failure
  • Need help re-wiring negative thought patterns 
  • Are ready to believe in themselves to accomplish the things they see other women doing and dream of doing themselves

    If the thought of taking on a new adventure towards self-discovery piques your curiosity, book a free discovery call with me. I'm happy to help you find the path that will lead you to your next summit. 
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