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Are you a woman craving the adventure of exploring Colorado's trails, but feel held back by uncertainty or self-doubt? Maybe you're hesitant to venture out alone, but worry you won't be able to keep up with a group. Maybe you just want to get out and explore, make friends and have genuine conversations, instead of feeling like every hike is a race to the summit. 
Join The Wild Woman Community and learn how to feel confident not only in the mountains but also when facing any of life's challenges. 
Courage, Confidence and Connection, all in one place.

The Wild Woman Community isn't just about hiking; it's about embracing adventure in every part of life. In our community, you'll learn how to face your personal challenges with bravery and curiosity, just like you do on the trails. Through group hikes, journaling sessions, workshops, and retreats, you'll learn actionable skills to feel confident on the trail and in everyday life.


 Whether you're chasing big dreams, taking the leap toward new opportunities, or overcoming daily challenges, you'll build the courage confidence to blaze any trail.


Adventure isn't just about where you go; it's about how you live every day. And with the support of the Wild Woman Community, you'll find the encouragement, friendship, and resources you need to reach your potential and find fulfillment.


If you have been searching for a space to:

  • Forge genuine connections with other women based on respect, authenticity, and vulnerability

  • Grow your courage and confidence, so you can pursue the adventures that call to you

  • Explore hiking trails in small groups lead by women, for women

  • Feel at ease and accepted regardless of your experience or fitness level.

  • Celebrate your successes and grow from challenges

Look no further; you've found your tribe.

Each month, we offer a variety of events to help you cultivate your Adventure Mindset

Upcoming Events and Workshops

Upcoming Trail Magic Hikes

Your Adventure Awaits. 

  • Wild Woman Community

    Every month
    Unleash the Wild Woman Within
     14 day free trial
    • Access to all Trail Magic Hikes
    • Access to all Community Workshops
    • Community Pricing on Retreats and Events
  • Wild Woman Community

    Every year
    Unleash the Wild Woman Within
     14 day free trial
    • Access to all Trail Magic Hikes
    • Invitation to all Community Workshops
    • Community Pricing on Retreats and Events


Enjoying the Nature

Sara B

I always have a wonderful time, and feel so relaxed and at ease with all the amazing women in this group. It's incredible to experience such genuine connection and authenticity.


Thank you, Wild Woman Coaching, for creating such a genuine and uplifting community. Can't wait for our next adventure together!"

Mountains and Glaciers

Cheryl H.

"I joined to hike with a group of women that had similar adventurous ideals as I did and just wanted to get out and move. Those hikes brought me full circle to what I needed most which was support and a change of mindset.


 The honest support I've received from Laura as a coach is invaluable. She has helped me change my thoughts about myself in such a positive way. She's taught me to meet myself where I'm at, not to look back at my past and feel regret or shame but to move forward with the wisdom I've earned and make the most of what I value and love."

Female hiker

Dani. F

Laura and the Wild Woman Community are breaking down barriers, opening friendships, and creating a community of women truly seeking to support each other through life.


Laura's coaching has given me tools to better understand myself, my thoughts and my habits - all of which has helped me feel more confident and empowered. 

My Story

Hi! I'm Laura,

Back in 2021, before embarking on a solo hike of the Colorado Trail, I had a clear vision: to help women feel confident in the outdoors and bring that adventurous spirit into all parts of life. But it wasn't until I was actually on the trail that I realized the power of community. 

Although I was hiking solo, I was never really alone. I had an amazing support system encouraging me from afar, plus other hikers who provided inspiration and comfort along the way. We were all on our own journeys, but invested in one anothers success.

That sense of community was the inspiration for, and the essence of, the Wild Woman Community.

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