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The Wild Woman Community is a space for women to embrace adventure, connection and authenticity. 
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If you have been searching for a space to:

  • Go after your goals and feel supported along the way

  • Gain a deeper understanding of yourself and your dreams

  • Build friendships based on respect and authenticity

  • Develop and hone your self awareness and mindset

  • Connect with nature

The Wild Woman Community:

I want you to have a place to turn when you feel overwhelmed, confused, frustrated or resentful. A place where you can face your pain and process it. A space where you can connect with yourself and nature, and nourish your body and mind. I want you to have a community to learn from and grow with, that will celebrate you for exactly who you are and who you're becoming. 


As a coach, I provide tools for you to confront and overcome obstacles, take ownership of your life and get un-stuck. I guide you to appreciate all of the parts of yourself. You’ll learn why embracing your strength AND your weakness is the way to create what you truly want.


We’re not aiming for a perfect life, we’re aiming for an adventurous life. 

Join the women of the Wild Woman Community for a variety of events and gatherings each month, including virtual and in person guided journaling sessions, workshops, and Trail Magic Hikes. In person events are held along the Colorado Front Range.


 Check out the full calendar HERE

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