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That Time I Dropped My Bowling Ball

I walked into Target yesterday and it was full-blow Christmas in there. I don't know about you, but is kind of drives me CRAZY to see Christmas start the day after Halloween.

But as I wandered around Target, feeling righteous and annoyed, I realized just what a hypocrite I am... do you know what I've been journaling on all week?

My goals and dreams for the NEW YEAR!

I skipped right over Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas... right to 2024.

Ok, I'm kind of kidding. I didn't really skip over the next few months. All of that journaling inspired me to start aligning myself with my 2024 aspirations, RIGHT NOW.

The past few years, instead of sticking to a resolution, I've opted for a word of the year. 2021 was Determined, 2022 was Vulnerability, and 2023 was Vulnerability 2.0 (I needed another round, for sure.)

2024 will be Playful.

When I choose my word for the year, I ask myself a series of questions to uncover my word.

What holds you back from trying new things?

(fear of embarrassment, failure, rejection)

How would you need to feel to lean into something new?

(curious, playful, adventurous)

Which of those is most uncomfortable for you to imagine?

(Playful, hands down)

So when I landed on my word, instead of setting it on the shelf to revisit on January 1st, I decided to take it for a test drive, and I joined a bowling league.

Night one of the league. I know one other person on the team, but not well. We're in a packed alley. At least half of the players walked in rolling little suitcases containing their personal bowling balls.

I walk up, hands sweaty, and pick up my ball. It slips out of my hand and starts rolling. Not down the lane, but instead, across the lanes. I chase my ball, waving apologetically to all of the bowlers I pass along the way.

I am embarrassed. I feel silly. I don't want to be this obviously bad at something I'm doing in front of other people.

And that is EXACTLY why playful will be my word for the year.

I'd love to invite you to start thinking about a word, a feeling, a goal or a dream you'd like to start leaning into in 2024.

I'll be posing questions, offering coaching and encouragement in the Facebook Group, so if you're not in there, JOIN HERE

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