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The Stories We Tell

If you've spent any time around Wild Woman Coaching, you know we're always talking about the difference between thoughts and circumstances.


Truth vs Opinions.

Facts vs Perspective.

Information vs Interpretation.


But you may not yet realize why it's so important to know the difference.


Let me break it down:


It's because our thoughts (beliefs, opinions, perspectives and interpretations) ABOUT our circumstances are what create our feelings.


That guy that didn't show up for your coffee date didn't make you feel disappointed.


Your mom's comment about your weight didn't make you feel ashamed.


Your friend not responding to your texts didn't make you feel annoyed.


The story you told yourself about each of those situations is what made you feel a feeling.


Now hear me when I say, this is not a blame game. Your thoughts and feelings aren't your fault, but they are your responsibility.


Journal Prompt


What stories, thoughts or opinions have you been mistaking for truth? How have those stories been serving you? How have they not?

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