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Trail Magic

When I founded Wild Woman Coaching, one of the reasons I chose to incorporate Trail Magic Hikes was to give women a real-life opportunity to confront their self limiting patterns and beliefs.

Every step of a Trail Magic hike offers a chance to uncover the thoughts and narratives that keep you stuck.

Maybe you’re curious about joining a Trail Magic Hike, but are afraid to sign up, so you sit on the sidelines, watching and wondering.

➡️ How else do you let fear hold you back?

Did you register, only to realize you double-booked yourself? Yet again?

➡️ What keeps you from being aware and in control of you calendar?

Perhaps you signed up for a hike, but when you received the reminder email, you have a moment of doubt, and cancel.

➡️ Where else do you find yourself trading your long-term well-being for instant gratification?

The morning of the hike, your alarm goes off, but you tell yourself, I just can’t do it today and go back to bed.

➡️ How else does “I can’t” hold you back?

Maybe you get out to your car, only to realize you’re out of gas. If you stop, you’ll be late and hold the group up. Better to just stay home.

➡️ What prevents you from setting your future self up for success instead of failure?

On the trail, you start slowing down and think, I should just turn around. I don’t want to hold anyone up.

➡️ Where else do you put the needs of others over your own?

Hiking uphill you feel out of breath. You think, “I’m so out of shape!” And feel embarrassed.

➡️ What other ways do you misinterpret normal signals from your body to slow down or take a break?

After a hike, you leave feeling inspired and refreshed, but on the drive home, your brain wanders to “Did they like me?” And self-doubt creeps in.

➡️ What are the ways you allow your survival brain to re-write history in a negative way?

These are just a handful of examples of the ways women let their limiting beliefs and fear of uncomfortable emotions keep them from the adventurous, bold lives they dream of.

If any of these sound like you, you’re not alone, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with you.

Anyone can learn to live their lives with intention, instead of being ruled by unconscious, unintentional patterns, habits and beliefs.

This is exactly why Wild Woman Coaching exists. To give you the tools to uncover and update your thinking, so you can live the life you’re meant for.

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