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Are you tired of watching your dreams take a back seat while life passes you by? Do you find yourself constantly procrastinating, overthinking, and holding back from the life you truly desire? It's time to break free from the shackles of self-doubt and hesitation.

Envision a life where you boldly pursue your desires, whether it's finding your ideal partner, launching a business, prioritizing your health, relocating to a new city, or changing career paths.

Those adventures are calling to you, but the same nagging thoughts are always there, holding you back.  "I don't know where to start." "What if I fail?" or "I'm not strong, confident or brave enough."


What if I said. . . You can do those things. All of them. 


The only thing holding you back is your mindset. Not a lack of bravery. Not your strength, courage, or ability. . . Would you be willing to challenge the mindset that’s holding you back in order to embrace your immense potential?

If this thought is lighting a fire inside you and you’re thinking, “Yes, I absolutely want to discover what I’m capable of.” Click the link below to schedule a complimentary discovery call. 

Embrace the Wild Woman Within

Cultivate an Adventure Mindset

Through individual virtual coaching

  • Approach your goals and dreams with a sense of adventure, not pressure

  • Build the badass self confidence you need to go after anything you want in life

  • Become more resilient and trust that you can do hard things

  • Lean into discomfort and use it as a path towards growth

Gain control over your thoughts, fears, and mindset. Hone your instincts, and gain the confidence to go after the life and adventures that fulfill you.


Hi, I’m Laura, certified mindset coach for women and passionate adventurer.

I became a mindset coach because I’ve been on both sides of the fence. I’ve been the woman taking the leap--embarking on solo backpacking trips, moving cross-country or changing careers--the one who can do hard, scary things. I’ve also been the woman held back from going for her goals by fear of failure and self doubt.


Gaining the motivation, confidence and courage to set and  pursue big goals came from mastering the art of rewiring my brain and learning to see the journey toward any goal as a path toward adventure.


Knowing so many women desire to live more adventurous and fulfilling lives, but are held back by lack of confidence, fear of what other people will think, or feeling that they’re “not determined, disciplined or brave enough” to live the life of their dreams is why Wild Woman Coaching exists. 


I’m here to empower you to redefine how you approach goal setting. Pursuing the life you want doesn't have to be miserable and terrifying, it can be an exciting ADVENTURE--an opportunity for growth, learning and fun. I'm here to support you as you embrace imperfection, release the pressure and grant yourself permission to explore, experiment and enjoy the journey as much, if not more than, the destination.


Basically, I want to see you succeed! I want to see you do wild, wonderful, and adventurous things. . . And I’m here to help arm you with the tools and mindset you need to achieve them.

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