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You know the life you dream about? The one where you feel free, alive and sure of yourself? The life where you dare to travel or strike up a conversation with a friendly looking stranger? The life where you love your body, manage your time and feel satisfied with your relationships? 


You know it's possible, you see other women living the life you want . . But you may fall into the trap of wondering, “Why can’t I be like her? Why can’t I do that?”

You feel like grand adventures in life are calling you.

But those same nagging thoughts are always there. Always holding you back. “She did it. Why can’t I be more like her?” or simply, “I’m not brave (or capable, skilled, strong) enough to do that.” 


Here’s a challenge for you. What if I said. . . You can do those things. All of them. 


The only thing holding you back is your mindset. Not a lack of bravery. Not your strength, courage, or ability. . . Would you be willing to challenge the mindset that’s holding you back in order to embrace your immense potential?

If this thought is lighting a fire inside you and you’re thinking, “Yes, I absolutely want to discover what I’m capable of.” Click the link below to schedule a complimentary discovery call. 

Adventure Mindset Coaching—Unleash the Wild Woman Within



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Cultivate an Adventure Mindset

 Live Boldly

  • Build the badass self confidence you admire in the women you’re inspired by

  • Become more resilient and trust that you can do hard things

  • Foster a mindset that self-trust in your actions, decisions, and capabilities

  • Lean into discomfort and use it as a path towards growth

Gain control over your thoughts, fears, and mindset. Hone your instincts, and gain the confidence to go after the adventures that fulfill you.

Choose Adventure

With the Wild Woman Community

  • Meet other women who look to support—-and not compete with—one another

  • Take on adventures in small group hikes led by women, for women

  • Push the boundaries you’ve made for yourself and learn that you can overcome them 

  • Make meaningful connections grounded in respect, authenticity, and vulnerability

  • Overcome intrusive thoughts that tell you you can’t do that, you’re not brave enough to take on this challenge, you’re going to fail— and step into your immense potential 


Learn the actionable skills you need to live an adventurous life, and surround yourself with other women that will support you in pushing your limits and overcoming challenges.

Wild Woman Coaching
Laura Prescott- Wild Woman Coaching

Hi, I’m Laura, an adventure mindset coach for women ,  passionate hiker and adventurer.

I founded Wild Woman Coaching because I’ve been on both sides of the fence. I’ve been the woman taking off on solo backpacking trips. The one who can do hard things. I’ve also been the woman who struggled with depression, anxiety and uncovering my own self confidence. 

Hiking has been my refuge for years. It was where I went to process my emotions during times of deep struggle. Today, it’s where I go to celebrate all I’ve overcome and the woman I’ve grown into. 


When I started taking on longer, more challenging hikes and backpacking trips, I’d return home to hear lots of women telling me how envious they were of my bravery and confidence. 


Then, again, the same happened when I quit my previous career to start coaching. 


My heart broke knowing so many women desire to live more adventurous and fulfilling lives, but are held back by lack of confidence, belief in themselves, or feeling that they’re “not brave enough”. 


That is why Wild Woman Coaching exists. 


I’m here to empower you to cultivate an adventure mindset. An adventure mindset means gaining the confidence to reach your potential, do the hard and fulfilling things you dream of doing, and building an unbreakable belief in yourself. 


Basically, I want to see you succeed! I want to see you do wild, wonderful, and adventurous things. . . And I’m here to help arm you with the tools and mindset you need to achieve them.