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Do you hear the call to adventure?  


Hiking in Colorado can feel daunting for women. Going solo can be overwhelming or lonely, but joining a group might seem just as intimidating. 


 I'm not a "real hiker"

What if I'm under-prepared?

What if I don't fit in?

Maybe you love spending time in the great outdoors, but you're not interested in the competition and ego that's rampant on the hiking scene. 


You want to find your people-- those who share your love for nature, desire for meaningful connection and commitment to personal evolution.


You don't just want to reach the summit, you want to enjoy the adventure, with women who inspire and encourage you, every step of the way. 

Adventure Awaits.

If you have been searching for a space to:​

  • Explore hiking trails in small groups lead by women, for women

  • Forge genuine connections with other women based on respect, authenticity, and vulnerability

  • Grow your courage and confidence, so you can pursue the adventures that call to you

  • Feel at ease and accepted regardless of your experience or fitness level.

  • Celebrate your successes and grow from challenges


The Wild Woman Community Backpacking trip
Courage, Confidence and Connection, all in one place.

The Wild Woman Community isn't just about hiking; it's about embracing adventure in every part of life. In our community, you'll learn how to face your personal challenges with bravery and curiosity, just like you do on the trails.

Through activities like group hikes, journaling sessions, and workshops, you'll learn actionable skills to feel confident on the trail and in everyday life.

Hi, I’m Laura, certified mindset coach for women and passionate adventurer.

I became a mindset coach because I’ve been on both sides of the fence. I’ve been the woman taking the leap--hiking new trails, embarking on solo backpacking trips, moving cross-country or changing careers--the one who can do hard, scary things. I’ve also been held back by self-doubt, talked myself out of my dreams, and let other people's opinions determine my path.

Laura, Owner of Wild Woman Coaching

Growing up in rural New Hampshire, being in nature felt familiar. And when I moved to Los Angeles in my 20's, hiking became my escape. But when I returned to Colorado, I felt intimidated by the rocky mountains. Finding a group to hike with only brought up more discomfort for me, so I took matters into my own hands. I dove into research, started with easy trails in the foothills, and gradually worked my way up to longer distances in more challenging terrain.


But, despite my growing confidence on the trails, I still struggled with self-doubt in other areas of my life.

While hiking solo on the Colorado Trail in 2021, it all clicked. The approach I took to the trail—a sense of curiosity, self-assurance, bravery, and excitement—was exactly what I needed to succeed in my off-trail life endeavors.

Returning home from that adventure, I was met with admiration,  but also envy.


My heart broke knowing so many women want to live more adventurous and fulfilling lives, but are held back by lack of confidence, belief in themselves, or feeling that they’re “not brave enough”.

That's why Wild Woman Coaching exists. 


I'm here to support you as you embrace adventure, build your confidence and grant yourself permission to explore, experiment and enjoy the journey as much, if not more than, the destination.


Basically, I want to see you succeed! I want to see you do wild, wonderful, and adventurous things. . . And I’m here to help arm you with the community of support, skills and mindset you need to achieve them.

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